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 Nebraska Soccer Leagues Registration is NOW open!

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The Nebraska Soccer League has some exciting news!


To help fill some of the changing needs of soccer teams in Nebraska and the surrounding states The Nebraska Soccer League will have two major structure changes:


The Nebraska Soccer League will now be ALSO accepting U10 teams in the Fall 2015 season:

  • U10 teams will put in a division one or division two structure.
  • There will be no promotion or relegation between the fall and spring seasons in the U10 teams
  • U10 teams will go into the division that they request
  • U10 teams will play in a 6 v 6 structure with similar playing rules as U11 teams.
  • Field Size will be between 45-60 yards by 35-40 yards
  • U10 teams will use a Size 4 ball


The Nebraska Soccer League will now ALSO make it easier to become a guest team:

Guest teams are used in the Nebraska Soccer League for teams that do not want to play for a full season, or have a few players that do not fit in the age bracket, or teams just wanting to play some new and different teams.  Even if you play in a different organization teams wanting a few more games with more variety fits the guest team situation.


  • Teams will pay only $100 deposit for each game they request
  • Guest teams will get games on the day that they request games for
  • The Nebraska Soccer League has marketed the guest team format to surrounding states to provide a better variety of teams playing in the league
  • Guest teams will play in the division that they request to play against.
  • Guest team games will work around tournaments or other leagues that teams might be in

Questions concerning the NEW U10 bracket or Guest Team registration processes should be sent to:       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Nebraska Soccer League now has a app

The Nebraska Soccer League app will allow you to view the schedule of all your teams.  It will also allow you to receive messages via your phone about schedule changes and game cancellations.  The app is free to everyone

Download via Apple App Store

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You can now pay your deposit online!






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